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At Casa Q we adhere to a strict privacy policy. We always use pseudonyms to protect the privacy of our youth.

Casa Q 2022 EOY Campaign Graphics (5).png
Casa Q 2022 EOY Campaign Graphics (5).png


Lisa is a 15-year-old who plans on living at Casa Q for 15 months. Lisa started the 9th grade in the fall. This school year was the first school year she has lived in one stable place for the entire school year. Lisa was given the power to tour three ABQ high schools that meet her interests. Lisa was accepted to all three schools and has chose to attend the school she thought was the best fit for her. Lisa wants to be a filmmaker and feels this school will help her reach her goals. Lisa has taken her mental health treatment seriously and has chosen to see her therapist once a week and asked Casa Q to enroll her in karate and swimming during the 2021 summer break. Lisa has turned her life around and stated that she wants to live a “big life” – which was never an option for her until Casa Q came into her life.

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Syd (he/him) is a transgender male who came into the Casa Q program after three years of living in and out of foster placement. Syd asked his CYFD case worker to find him an LGBTQ+ friendly placement and found Casa Q. Once at Casa Q, he began to focus on his education and was able to choose where he wanted to attend high school -- ultimately choosing the school that was the best fit for him. This educational freedom empowered him to campaign and WIN as the new Student Body President at his school of choice! Syd takes pride in his progress and loves Casa Q’s one-on-one support. He is engaged in therapy to address his trauma and system abuse. Syd loves the Casa Q program structure, and the queer supports Casa Q offers.


Meet Maria (she/her):

Maria (she/her) came into Casa Q as a step-down from the Kaseman Stabilization Crisis Unit after a suicide attempt. Maria recently came out as trans and has been struggling to connect with her family, who are very religious, so the Casa Q Program Director created a solid support plan for the entire family. In the short time Maria has been in Casa Q, she completed her GED, got a job at the movie theater next door, and started her new clinical program at "Awake and Aware." The family has started their trans 101 education and support parent groups to begin their healing process together. Casa Q is saving lives and providing hope to young people and entire families in our community.

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Meet Joey (he/him):

Joey came to Casa Q at 14 years old after surrendering to CYFD and asking to be removed from his former house. Since Joey has been living at Casa Q, he has learned to use his voice and advocate for himself. He has started to create a healthy path for himself, is attending martial arts 2-3 weekly, and is going to therapy 1-2 times weekly. Joey changed his diet and his attitude towards his future. He started 9th grade at his “dream high school," where he plans on studying film. Joey said, “Casa Q is the queerest place on earth!”

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