Thanks for taking part in the Casa Q 2019 Oscars Challenge!  Here are the rules:


1. $5 per entry. You may enter the contest more than once.


2. First Place wins $50. Second Place wins $25.


3. Once your entry is submitted, you may not amend or edit any of your picks.


4. The first place winner will be the person who selects the highest number of correct answers.  The second place winner will be the person who selects the second highest number of correct answers.


5. If there is still a tie following the three tie-breakers, a game of chance will be selected to determine the first and second place winners.


6. The deadline to enter the 2019 Casa Q Oscars Challenge is Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 6:00 pm MST/MDT.


7. On Oscar Night, we'll share a read-only version of everyone's entries so you can track your results during the show.


8. All proceeds will support Casa Q programming and services, and its LGBTQ youth residents.


Now get started with your picks and good luck!


Thanks for supporting Casa Q!

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