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Thank you for 5 YEARS

serving LGBTQ+ youth & families!

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Casa Q opened our doors in 2015. In 5 years, we have served 50 youth and families.


“I love our mission serving youth in our house and in aftercare once they turn 18. But I also believe we matter toall young people beginning to discover who they are and deciding if there’s a place in the world for them,” Board Treasurer and incoming Board Chair Mark Hartman. “Knowing there’s a community of loving supportive people matters to every child, not just the ones who might need our services.”

“Casa Q’s success is due in large part to the support of the community, both financially and with volunteer
hours,” Cristy J. Carbón-Gaul, Founder and Immediate Past Board Chair.

“Unlike emergency shelter programs, Casa Q provides residential and transitional living services in a home-like environment, complemented with comprehensive and individual case management,” noted Program Director Steven Serrano. “We provide case management, educational support, and community engagement opportunities for every young person we support. Our goal is to care, build hope, and inspire their future.”

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