Copy of support Casa Q's aftercare progr

Just like a seed that needs all of the right elements to bloom, we depend on our community to help our youth to grow and blossom into their true selves. Since we are the only LGBTQ+ youth homeless shelter in New Mexico, your support is crucial.


Give today to our Summer Campaign, PLANTING SEEDS FOR OUR YOUTH, so we can continue to be there for every young person who needs us!

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Casa Q has partnered with One Community Auto to promote vehicle donations that will provide additional funding for Casa Q. All proceeds of vehicle donations goes to Casa Q.


Donating your vehicle to help Casa Q is easy, no cost, and One Community Auto accepts donations from anywhere in the nation. Any form of vehicle donation will be accepted, including cars, trucks, vans, buses, RVs, boats, ATVs, and motorcycles. Please call 505-901-9510 or click the link below. One Community Auto provides pickup at your convenience, handles all the title work, and provides you with a receipt. It is very simple, and your vehicle donation is critical to helping Casa Q youth.