At Casa Q, we celebrate our incredible donors who lift up our community and are committed to providing ongoing support to the youth at Casa Q. 

Thank you to our donors! 

This is why your gift matters...

Many youth come to Casa Q because they cannot stay with their family. One 16-year-old transgender male from southern NM came out as trans to his family on a Friday. That weekend, his parents packed his belongings. They told him he could stay as a lesbian or he could leave. He took a bus to Albuquerque and landed at Transgender Resource Center with nothing. They referred him to Casa Q, where he was welcomed into the house within two days. Eleven months later, he has received needed medical care, completed his GED, enrolled at CNM, is working full-time, and has his own apartment. Casa Q is still there for him, through the aftercare program.

"I give to Casa Q every month so that our young people have a safe haven whenever they have that need. While it is a shame that some of the young people in our community don't feel safe, wanted, and accepted by their own family, Casa Q is there to provide acceptance and security.

Donald A. Potter, Jr., Monthly Casa Q Donor

"I give to Casa Q because if there is a way to raise our culture to its best self, to make this a better world for all, it's by supporting our youth in need. By treating all equally, by supporting our youth not because of who they are or who they love, but because of who they can become, we all benefit. They will make us all better."

Dr. Margaret Nolan, Casa Q Donor

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